Thursday, January 09, 2014

Plain T-shirt refashion!

Happy New Year 2014 to all! 
Holidays are over so it's time to be busy again. We hope the new year brings much more inspiration and good ideas to share with you. Let's welcome 2014 with a simple T-shirt refashion. The process was fun and easy and the result unique and stylish. 

Model FKappou
For this project we used a basic cotton stretch T-shirt bought from a big chain fashion store. You can use whatever t-shirt or top you have in your closet for this project. You will also need paint for dyeing fabrics which you will find in craft and hobby stores. For the stencils either you will make some yourself or you can buy ready made. For this project we designed by ourselves the skull, lightning and cross stencil. 

For the application of paint we used a special spongy brush which we discovered at H&M shops. 

For the stencils we used a transparent sheet kind of presentation sheet. First you will draw the shape you want and then you will cut the inner part of the drawing with a sharp utility knife (like X-acto knife). 

After making your stencils we are ready to start the paint application. Lay out your T-shirt on a flat surface and put the stencil at the top of the left side (near armhole). Firmly hold the stencil with one hand and then apply the paint on it. With the help of the sponge - brush apply the white paint carefully. You can put the stencils side by side to make columns of stamps or however you want. The possibilities are endless. 

Model : FKappou

I'd like to thank my gorgeous model and friend FKappou for her valuable help. Working with her is always a pleasure! Thanks girl :)


Tailor Spy


IWOM said...

Slightly creepy, the trend in skull motifs!

Maybe it's just me….


Jennifer Elliott said...

I never thought about using stencil templates on shirts! Thanks for the idea! Great way to add a little something to a plain tee.