Sunday, January 12, 2014

Simple Black and White Tunic Makeover


Hi Everyone!

It all started with this 3x beauty which appeared to have never been worn. It was a nice piece from "The Black and White Market," and I am sure the original owner paid a handsome sum for it. As for me, I paid $5.99 for all of that beautiful print!


2014-01-06 07.29.40


It was only a simple resizing job but I think I can pass along some valuable tips on how to downsize these plus size treasures. You can see I have paired the tunic with leggings and ballet flats. This is totally comfortable, chic, and work appropriate for me. Sorry for the blurry picture, but I had a hard time stopping long enough to get it taken. This was my first day back to work after the holiday.

See the entire tutorial here.

'til next time,

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Carissa said...

What a bold print! Great makeover!


Sara said...

Wow you really made it into a great tailored looking piece, props for you on that! you look fabulous!

Michele Reynolds said...

Love the tunics! Yours is super!

diaryofamadmama said...

This looks fantastic on you! :)
Great job!

diaryofamadmama said...

This looks fantastic on you! :)
Great job!

Mary Peterson said...

Thanks all!

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the tunic! Great job!