Friday, January 17, 2014

Ski underwear to cardigan

A piece of ski underwear longsleeved top. It was so wonderfully thin, soft and warm, and since I don't ski that much, I would rather use it for something else.

So I turned it into a cardigan.
I removed the collar and the button placket, cut down the middle, finished the edges and sewed the button placket on as closure for the cardigan.

It looks better on me, but I just got my very own dress form, and I so want so show everybody ;). I named her Linda.

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Sandy said...

Oh, the placket repositioning is such a good idea! My son just passed on a bag full of his things, so this might inspire me further to actually rummage through it.
Sandy in the UK

Andrea said...

Oh, yeah, this is definitely such a cool refashion with that button placket!!! I also LOVE the color :) Great idea on giving this top more use in your wardrobe!

Andrea EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

The placement of the placket is perfect! Love it. Great refashion!