Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spruced up!

Spruced up!

Hello and happy Chinese New Year!!

I found this cute red dress which said it was my size, but it wasn't. I bought it anyway (that's what's sooooo good about refashioning!)

Slightly too everything...

I popped it in a tub of dye - Rosewood Red from Dylon to give it a less tartan-y and deeper and richer feel. I know, it's still pretty damn tartan-y...

Way too long

I then popped it on a dress form and brought it in, there was a side zip thank goodness - and raised the hemline.

It was just a little spruce, but it made all the world of difference. It will now get loads of wear instead of being looked over because it's wasn't quite right.

You can see the full details here..

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

Very cute!

IWOM said...

It doesn't always take a lot of tweaking -- just the right tweaking!

IWOM (she who lives in the Land of Tartan!): EOD

AliceSAysNo said...

So true! I'm totally embracing the tartan!

Jennifer Elliott said...

You're completely right! A little spruce makes all the difference in the world! Great job!