Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thanks for all your help!

Some of you may remember me asking for ideas for this project back in December. I just remembered that I hadn't posted the results on here (it's not on my blog as it was a gift).

The robe originally belonged to my boyfriends mother, she gave it to me last year to refashion into something for myself. Instead, I made her an infinity scarf and clutch from it! Below are a few more photos..

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And, as a parting gift, here is her son wearing the items :)


Andrea said...

Love the parting gift ;) Hahaha, such a cutie! And the scarf and clutch came out beautifully :) Great job!

IWOM said...

What's with all the male models today?!?

Something as, um, bright as that green does better in smaller doses. Nice work.


Elizabeth Hill said...

Hilarious. And that green fabric works really well as accessories.

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

jenny_o said...

And he wears them well :) What a good sport!

Great ideas for a bold colour in a nice fabric.

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love love love the clutch! Nicely done.