Tuesday, January 07, 2014

(The) White Stuff

I've bought a fair few things from that shop lately, but I fancied a little copy-catting of one of their no longer available sweaters from two old long sleeve Ts (one already refashioned last July).

(Okay. I didn't like their color combo!).

The pockets on theirs were a third color, but I didn't have any scraps to match the weight of the two Ts and I thought it was important for the overall look to keep everything the same thickness of fabric.

It needed something (aside from a good press…) but I am not sure this infinity scarf made next from the bottoms of a pair of pyjamas I made (but seldom wore)

does the trick. Right color and style, but perhaps not the right fabric.

Meh. It'll do for something else!

1 comment:

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the infinity scarf! The color and pattern are simply gorgeous!