Saturday, January 11, 2014

Two Skirts

Skirt A:
I made this skirt years ago but only wore it a few times. The length was wrong, the color was not great on me, and I never found that perfect top to pair it with. But, I still like the fabric. It's heavy and canvasy, but with a little bit of stretch. It would make a durable carrying bag.

I cut out rectangular panels, copying the dimensions of a bag that I like. The skirt had lots of topstitching so I cut the panels to keep and show off as much topstitching as possible.

All sewed up, the bag was too floppy. My neighbor gave me a burlap, wire-edge ribbon that I intended to use for the straps. I had just enough to sew in around the bottom of the bag walls and also around the top. This gave it some structure which helped a lot. Here is the bag inside out, exposing the ribbon for you to see:

Skirt B:
A friend gave me this hand me down. It fits, I like the color and it is a good, solid wardrobe staple. The only thing I don't like is the length. It hits me just below the knee. I prefer my skirts above the knee.

It would be a simple alteration to cut off the bottom and make a new hem, but whenever I alter denim, it looks obviously altered. My sister sent me the link to this tutorial, which shows how to shorten jeans and keep the original hem.

I followed the steps and you know, it actually worked. My skirt is shortened and the factory hem is still there. Using this method, the skirt was overly bulky at the vent and I had to remove some fabric, straying a bit from the tutorial, but I worked it out in the end.

This is me with my altered skirt and refashioned bag. Ta-da!

I realize that the bag does not match the outfit, this picture is just to show both projects. Roll with it. :)

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