Wednesday, January 29, 2014

White Lace

Happy Hump Day! And hope you are all refashioning!

I found this white linen sweater and a couple of yards of white stretch lace fabric on different thrifting trips sometime last year. I spent no more than $2 on the lace (I have a limit on what I'll pay for fabric depending on size) and I could have spent up to $4 on the sweater but probably less if it was a half-off day.
White sweater meets white lace!
I started by making the lace into an extra long loop of lace trim (several inches wide). I then reworked the neckline and the hem of the sweater before gathering up my lace and attaching it to the new asymmetrical hem! Here's how it came out:
And here's all the lacey goodness!

I can wear it this way too!
Loooooove a low back!
I love how this one turned out and again, though it is not totally my style, I think it is so incredibly pretty! Hop on over to my blog to check out the step-by-step :)

Here's one final look at the before and after:



Adele said...

That is so pretty, I love the lacey bottom!

Adele - EOD

Anonymous said...

That's really nice!

Andrea said...

Thanks Adele and Letgo!

Irma said...

Beautiful, really beautiful !!!
Irma from Italy

Andrea said...

Thank you so much Irma from Italy :-) I appreciate it!

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love it! Great job!