Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Macramé Makeover!

Hello again!

London was sunny today, not a cloud in the sky, and I suddenly remembered what it felt like to feel the sun on my face... then the hail stones started, HARD! But it was too late, the seed was planted - my mind was back in summer... so cruel. Anyway, there's nothing like preparing the summer wardrobe to make me feel better equipped to see out the winter... (or am I just fooling myself?!!) So... I thought I'd share another one of my refashioned dresses from last year...

I found a Plain Jane long navy blue cotton-lycra mix dress on sale for silly money - so grabbed it!

Now, I don't have the right figure for something so... unforgiving. So you could say this is a 'forgiving makeover'! I shortened the length, added panels to the side seams, and macrame to the back... which also made it more 'racer back' than before...

Apart from the fact my fencing needs sanding down and re-painting, what do you think? ;)

And am I alone in using refashioning to disguise the bits of me I don't like..? I feel like the design-y bits help pull the eye away from my lumpy bits...

Before and After!

Gema x


IWOM said...

Funny…I was looking through my summer dress patterns just this afternoon up here in the North!

Thanks for reminding us this will end soon!


Gema Ensenat said...

I'm SO pleased Spring's officially here!! Hope the sun's shining up there with you :)