Sunday, February 09, 2014

Black, White, and Red All Over Refashion

I love how this dress came outI used the ‘bib’ from my last refashion to create a peter pan style collar  on this dress. I loved the vest on this dress, but keeping it on made the dress too busy, I saved it though, so maybe it will pop up again on another refashion..

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Have a lovely Sunday, Everyone!


Andrea said...

I think taking the vest off was key, as well as adding the peter pan collar! This came out so cute :) At first glance I thought you'd just made it a skirt and were wearing it with a white blouse and a black sweater layered over top, so I was pleasantly surprised to find it was all one piece :) Love it!

Carissa said...

Your refashions are always so cute! And I love the black, white, and red combo!


Gingham Ginger said...

SooOoooOooooOooooO much better!

Huli said...

sweet dress miss!

Jennifer Elliott said...

I want to be just as cute as you! The outfit is so chic. I love it!