Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Comfort and Lace

Oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy…..and lace.
If I’m not comfortable, I’m not gonna wear it.  Stockings? nope.  High heels?  No way.  Jean skirts that ride up my belly and dig into my skin?  That’s one that I can work some magic on.   This was a Land’s End jean skirt from a thrift store.  I was happy that it fit me in the store, but every time I wore it was not fun.  Not comfortable.  Around my hips, the metal closure dug into my skin and around my waist it was too loose and bumpy.B&A jean skirt
I took off the denim waistband with my seam ripper, admiring Land’s End’s nice sewing job.  Then I grabbed one of my worn out but favorite camis with a deep lace edge and arranged that to become the new waistband.  I ignored the zipper, sewing the stretchy fabric right over it.  It’s like a pull on maternity skirt now with a built in “belly band”.  The band is sewn on at the top and the bottom of the lace so it will stay put.  It looks like I’m layering shirts, but it’s really the skirt!   I’ll get a lot more (comfortable) wear out of it now  EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT PREGNANT.
belt with flower clip
Looking at the waistband piece, I realized it would be really easy to sew that baby back up and snap it around my waist.  It’s the right size, after all!   I added a flower hair clip to cover up the metal snap closure.  I won’t wear it with the denim skirt, but I think it would be cute with a dress and a cardigan.

What do you think?  Have you ever removed a waistband and then reused it?   I was surprised at how easy it was to remove from the skirt and how easy it was to sew it back up!

Amy Jo at The Little Moments


Andrea said...

Umm, genius on the waistband Amy Jo! So cute AND its not going to waist...ha...ha, get it? Ok, so moving on, this is really a great save. I love that you get to continue to wear a piece that fits you so well and that the fix is also an added design feature for faux layering! Yay comfort!

cfortin said...

I love that you got two for one from your project.

Cindy - EOD

Erica Moody said...

That's really awesome. I always have a problem with pants fitting properly at the waist area and I wondered aloud about making maternity style pants for my non pregnant body. My sister said that wouldn't work, wouldn't look right, etc. You totally made it work, great job!

jennifer elliott said...

Adding lace as a waistband is BRILLIANT! I love layering tops with lace-bottom camis and having a lace waistband eliminates the cami (for me, at least). Great job! Love the idea!