Monday, February 17, 2014

Dye job

My mom recently observed that none of my refashions involve bright colors. Most are gray, black, or blue. I guess she has a point. Even when my clothes don't start out with one of those colors, I tend to dye them one of those colors. Oh well, at least I know what works for me! In this case, I took two pieces that weren't working and dyed them with RIT Denim Blue, with mixed results.

The boring khaki skirt turned a lovely sort of faded violet with the dye. A quick hem job was the only other thing it needed to be ready for spring, should spring ever arrive.

The pink-and-white plaid shirt didn't turn out quite as lovely. I was hoping for a blue background with purple stripes. Instead, I got a purple background with reddish stripes. I still think it is an improvement, though. 

Since it is still snowing very steadily, I think I will try to sneak in one more winter refashion. Then, I promise, I will try to get in more colors for spring, Mom.

Thanks for reading!



Jennifer Elliott said...

Kudos for even having the guts to work with dye. I'm still too chicken. Although I have been thinking about working with a bleach pen on some plain tees ... hmmmmmmm.

cfortin said...

I like the way your top turned out. I am kind of a black gray and beige/brown person myself. :-)

Cindy - EOD