Friday, February 07, 2014

Goodbye Hip Ruffles

I bought this top at a boot sale. It fits me and I like the color, but holey moley that is a lot of ruffles on my hips. Plus, there is white stuff (paint?) on some of the ruffles.

I like tunic-length tops and I don't own many, so I took apart all the seams that contained ruffles and re-attached the flat panels (that you can't see because they are covered by ruffles). Here is the finished product:


Sandy said...

yes, much better!
Sandy in the UK

Andrea said...

I agree, much better :) This is a change I would have made as well, as the ruffles just come across as very trendy (and might I venture to say, immature?) Really like the after!

Andrea EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

As much as I love ruffles, I love the top much better without them. Great job.