Sunday, February 02, 2014

I can't sew but I can dye

It's a lovely lace dress with an under dress for modesty.

It's an awful unflattering yellow, so I have never worn it. Makes me look like a zombie.

Out came the dye, I forgot to wear gloves of course...(I look like The Hulk now)

It's so much prettier and more importantly it's more wearable!

I am not a very good sewer,but I can dye well. To find out more about me and my 365 Days Without Shopping please drop by my blog at Tasmanian Minimalist.

I would love to see you there.


Elizabeth Hill said...

It looks like it took the dye really well! Do you have an after photo?

Dye can be a lot fun, even if it's a mess. The last time I dyed something I got red dye all over my kitchen and stained my hands as well. It looked like a horror movie, but it was worth it.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Miss Blue said...

Hiya. The link to your blog is wrong.

christinadesignsart said...

I'm also having problems with your blog link. Please come back and update it.

Jennifer Elliott said...

I would love to see the "after" pic! I love the idea of dying old clothes into something new.