Sunday, February 02, 2014

Make it Nautical:take two

I shared a preview of  this dress back in December: 
That's a thrift store 80s dress that's too big. I like the shiny gold collar and I thought it had potential to be a fun, nautical dress. Here's what I came up with a few weeks ago:
 The rundown is on my blog. It's ok...but I wanted to keep trying. I refashioned my refashion. Here's the latest incarnation:
Here's the details on this redo: Make this Nautical and Pin-up Style: take two. By the way, I almost always do these cheesy, self timer photo shoots at night when I have to use artificial lighting and I look exhausted. Therefore, I always retouch by adding a filter to my pics (I want you to think I'm pretty!) 
I wish I had more snow days. I just want to make retro dresses all the time. See you soon, I'm sure.


Carissa said...

The red belt and shoes really make it pop! Nice job!


Elizabeth Hill said...

Way to go seeing the potential in what was originally an uninspiring dress! I really like the way you used red.

- Elizabeth
aka The Hungry Octopus

Huli said...

really adore this!