Friday, February 07, 2014

Patchwork Jersey Maxi Skirt

I I don't have the long list of photos to accompany this one, but the finished product is pretty sweet. 
Doggy Bombed- also, too lazy to retake.

All I did was pull out some similarly color-schemed shirts and cut the bottoms off near the arm pit area. Then I opened them up into a long strip and sewed them together. They weren't wide enough around to make a whole skirt, so I cut it in half and and cut two strips of the same size from a large chunk of jersey material I found at a thrift store. Sewed em together, made a casing, and fed in some elastic. Also awesome was the fact that the elastic had been bought in a bag full of elastics from a thrift store as well and I was able to piece together two similarly sized pieces to use here. Woohoo!
Update: I've worn it now and it is SUPER comfortable but I think I'm going to stitch down the casing to the elastic, as the elastic turns inside of it and it would make it more put together looking.

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