Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick fix for a sequined shirt

I found a sparkle-y black shirt at a garage sale this past summer for $1. You can see it below, with the tag still attached. It was very boxy, with huge shoulder pads, but it had potential.

I started by removing the shoulder pads. The sleeve had to go, given the weird cuffs and itchy synthetic material, so I cut them off. I took in the sides a bit, from the underarm to the hem, to make more of an a-line shape. Finally, I finished the armholes with black bias tape to match the edge of the neck. Here's the finished product.

I think it will work well under a blazer or on its own, when it gets warmer.

Thanks for reading!



Adele said...

Brilliant. That looks cute.

Adele - EOD

Jennifer Elliott said...

I LOVE IT! Great decision to remove the shoulder pads and alter the sleeves. I think the top would look great underneath a sweater. Great job.

Jennifer Elliott said...

P.S. Who was the person who thought adding shoulder pads in women's shirt was a fabulous idea?