Friday, February 21, 2014

Refashioning a Smelly, Outdated, Thrift Store Skirt!

We started with an Ann Taylor wool skirt we found at Goodwill for $2.50.  Now this piece was is great condition structurally, but boy, oh boy, did it smell!  Being a dry clean only skirt made the pre-care before we started refashioning it a little bit trickier.
But we learned a trick when we found a leather skirt on time for $5 that we simply could not pass up!  (You can see how we refashioned it into a jacket for a 5 year old here.)  What you do is simply hang it up outside for a few days!  Mother Nature takes care of the rest.  So after a good hang, we updated this skirt by adding a few layers of lace at the bottom!  
This was a very fast, very easy update for this skirt, and we just love the results!  If you want to read all the step by step instructions, hop on over to Skirt Fixation, where we blog all our refashion and skirt adventures!
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Andrea said...

Cute flounce at the bottom to begin with, and the lace really pretties this up! Way to let nature take its course and freshen up that skirt ;)

Andrea EOD

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Jennifer Elliott said...

I love adding lace to refashions. Great job!