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Friday, February 07, 2014

Rosey Spring Skirt

I'm back! I know- you missed me....

This refashion only took me about 30 minutes, and only that long because my bobbin thread broke. I started with this super cute, airy, teacher skirt: 

It's a bit dowdy in the length department for I started out by measuring down the skirt 17 inches, 18 in the back because there is a bit of junk in this trunk.
I pinned intermittently:
Then I cut a bit below each pin and shortened the skirt. From there I made a rolled hem all the way across. (Somehow I am terrible at rolled hems....does anyone have a trick for that?
Anyway, I ended up with this cute little thing! Can't wait to wear it!

Until next time: 


Lovely-Vintage-Doll said...

Hello !
I love you refashion .
You are talented .
Love this skirt !

Kazza said...

Love quick and easy refashions like this. Thank you for sharing. And yes, I have never been able to master a rolled hem. All I know is it rolls out of the foot part that's meant to roll it and causes me angst. Any tips would be appreciated by me too.

Andrea said...

Such a cute skirt refashion :) I love this floral and love how it came out!

Andrea EOD

Quick note: you labeled this as skirt, but didn't label it with your Sustainabot label, so I've done so for you :) In future, just use that and no other labels as that whole feature is currently under revision. Thanks!

Jennifer Elliott said...

The skirt is cuter and flirty with the new hem! I love it!