Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A blurry 'before'

is better than no 'before' at all! Sorry 'bout that. Once things enter the sewing room for the purpose of refashioning they get their picture taken so I hope the others in the latest batch of 'mug shots' aren't so bad. Yikes.

In preparation for next month's week in the American Virgin Islands, I’ve been told by The Nephew ‘We wear bathing suits all day in St. John!’ so I decided I better acquire another top or two to pair with my modest-yet-not-TOO-old-lady swim skirt. We aren’t beach holiday people for the most part so even though I saw a few things I liked last time I was out shopping, I thought a look through the to-be-refashioned boxes and the fabric tubs might be in order given that anything made or bought will not get too much wear.  The top of the dress still fits fine

but it was a bit tight in the hips. Plus, my days of wearing such dresses are past -- like by a few decades. It was merely a matter of taking ten inches off the bottom and looking out my double needle for a nice neat hem job. 

Anybody got ideas or links to (preferably free) swimsuit top patterns? I have the bottom bit leftover from the dress plus some odds and ends of lycra knits that I’d like to cobble into another top or two.



Sandy said...

this is a great use for a dress with that kind of neckline!

There is a pattern that seems to be popular and suits a variety of figure types. you can see it at the link below and read about what others say of it.
Perhaps you can take the line drawing as an idea/starting place for making your own with what you have?
Sandy in the UK

Andrea said...

Very clever! I love that as a bathing suit've got me thinking on creating my own (though I've refashioned a couple of suits). I will be checking out the above pattern as well!