Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Black Silk Tent

So, what do you do when you come across this much silk for $4 at the thrift store? Why, you snatch it up and take it home!

But then, what do you do with said piece? Could've worn this as it was, but not necessarily my style. So, I deconstructed, then self-drafted a pattern piece to make myself a lovely pair of flowy silk high-waisted shorts...that I can dress up or down :).

Here's a look at the before and after together:

Whaddyathink? I personally love them ;). Come check out how I did it here.



jennifer elliott said...

I love the shorts! So cute! You're right ... You can really pair anything with the shorts. Great job.

Adele said...

Oh wow. I love the shorts very much, I would absolutely wear them. Brilliant refashion.

Adele - EOD

Andrea said...

Thanks Jennifer and Adele :) They were husband approved as well, so that's nice! And I normally don't feel comfortable in shorts this high above my knees, but the loose fit goes a long way in making them feel like they're in my comfort zone ;)