Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bringing some country to the city- ruffle skirt refashion

This skirt was super awkward even though it came from a super fabulous store (White house/black market). But it just didn't work for me.
I decided it needed some of a trim. Cut off the bottom stained ruffle layer. Cut off the top portion of the skirt. Added an elastic casing. Poof! I am ready to go!
I paired it with some boots, a belt, and my purple plaid shirt and what I got was a fun rustic, country feeling outfit which is what sometimes the big city needs! Here is the recap!

For more on this refashion click here. I am still keeping up with my 99 refashion challenge. I have no idea how I am keeping up with everything that is going on- I feel like I am running around in all directions!



IWOM said...

Ah. So we'll call this the well-dressed headless chicken look then?



Lovenicky said...

I agree the shorter length looks better. And more versatile too!

jennifer elliott said...

I love the combination of the boots and plaid shirt with the skirt. Very very chic. Love it!