Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Butterfly Costume for toddler

Continuing with the Carnival costumes that have been refashioned this year, today I bring you the butterfly one. 

It was actually half done by me and half done by the teachers at day care. 

The Butterfly wings were made in school with some old tights I gave them. I think all the outfit turned out too cute, with all the colors matching. 

They requested a pink shirt for her, because they wanted to make a tutu to go with it, but I thrifted a 5T/6T dress that already had some tulle on the button, and after telling the teacher's about it we agreed to just make it smaller to fit my skinny 2 year old. 

It wouldn't fit through her head once I finished, so I had to open it a bit and add some button to close it. It was perfect then. 

She also needed a pair of leggings or tights in yellow or blue, and the only thing I could find at home, was a pair of yellow leggings (mine) that I just chose to cut and resize for her. I was already cutting when I thought about the photo. 

These were quick refashions that allowed me to save a lot (I spent 0,50€ for the dress and that's all), they were good for Carnival and are totally wearable after too. 

After I finished I took the scraps from both pieces to school and I was happy to see they have used them for the antennae and the wings. No waste, that's wonderful. 

Read more about it HERE


jennifer elliott said...

The costume is adorable! Great job!

Adele said...

Oh, how cute!! Great job, Magda.

Adele - EOD

Andrea said...

I'm loving that they were doing refashioning at school :) Such a cute costume!

Magda E. said...

Thanks for the comments. She was disppointed she couldn't fly though! heheh