Thursday, March 06, 2014

Jacket deconstruction

I would normally never consider myself to be a denim vest sort of girl. I do, however, love my Gap denim jacket and have been known to layer it under my winter coat on very chilly days. Once in a while, I thought about layering it under a slimmer coat or blazer, like this, but the sleeves made it too bulky. So, on 50% off day at Savers, I ran out and bought another denim jacket to make it into a vest. I settled on this one.

It fit pretty well, but I was able to take it in a bit more once I had snipped off the sleeves. Now I can wear it by itself or under blazers and lighter jackets.

Of course, I couldn't just throw away those cut-off sleeves. I had this boring jacket I'd gotten at a yard sale over the summer. I'd been wanting a jacket with contrast sleeves, and this was just the thing I need to make one. 

 After a quick seam-ripping job, I had the old sleeves and lining off. I pinned the denim sleeves on the dark jacket (I can't tell if it is faded black or dark navy) and stitched them in place.

I love how the sleeves are lighter than the body of the jacket, since most contrast-sleeve jackets have darker sleeves. I hope to get a lot of use out of these pieces this spring.

Thanks for reading!



IWOM said...

And now you have dark blue sleeves in your stash.

These sort of refashions always remind me of some original post WWII booklets I saw in a UK library years ago. A common project in the Make Do and Mend campaign was combining elements of your and a friend's dress to make a new dress for each of you.


Sandy said...

I really like these ideas! Thanks for sharing.
Sandy in the UK

Amy Jo said...

Great ideas! Now what are you going to do with the sleeves from the dark jacket? LOL!

Jennifer Elliott said...

You constantly amaze me with your refashions. I love them!