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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jeans Pockets Makeover (Part 2)

Hi, I'm Maria! I am a Christian style blogger excited about being a new contributor to Refashion Co-op. Thanks for having me!

Do you like decorated jeans pockets? I'm not a huge fan, so not too long ago I removed the flaps from this particular pair with a seam ripper.

If you missed Part 1 of this refashion, here is a quick recap:


I thought it was a good start, but I still didn't like the orange embroidery.

And so, onto Part 2!


Cost:  $0.00
After close examination, I realized that I could seam rip all of the embroidery off too without damaging the pockets. I think the result is interesting: subtle, polished and yet deconstructed at the same time. And much more appealing to me  :)


Nothy Lane said...

I like it. Thanks for the post - I never thought about taking the embroidery off but I too, am not a big fan or over decorated jean pockets.

cfortin said...

I like the result you achieved. I would not have thought of removing the stitching either.

Cindy - EOD

jennifer elliott said...

I never thought about taking a seam ripper to the pockets. Hmmmmm. Some designs are too gaudy for me and I end up putting the jeans back on the rack. Thanks for the idea!