Monday, March 31, 2014

Legs become arms!

Hello! My name is Eri, and I'm a student from New Zealand.
I LOVE clothes. So much. However, my style is constantly changing,  so rather than spend all my (non-existent) money, I've started making my own clothes from op shop finds and pieces I already have.
I look forward to sharing ideas, and learning from all of you!

I liked these leggings so much I bought two pairs. The first pair were worn to death, but this pair were in pretty good condition apart from being a bit stretched out. The seams at the crotch were coming apart which made them perfect for this one-step refashion.

Laid out flat I cut a triangle out (through both sides), turned it upside down, and wore it!

The greatest thing about this is not needing to finish the neckline (although you could) as the cut jersey will just roll under when you stretch it gently! I also like how the elastic at the top becomes the new cropped waist.

It's a bit late here in NZ for crop tops, so I'm more likely to wear it under sleeveless dresses, like this:

Thank you so much for having me here! Any feedback would be fab.

Eri x


Irma said...

I'm sorry, I do not know English well, and perhaps for this reason I do not understand the connection between your work, Eri, and the previous comment.
In any case, your refeshion is FANTASTIC! I really have to try it myself!
Thank you for sharing your idea!
Irma from Italy

EJ said...

Thank you Irma!
I don't understand the connection either...
But I would love to see a picture if you try it yourself!
x Eri

Sandy said...

Love the idea! very clever.
Sandy in the UK

Andrea said...

Don't worry about the first comment. It's spam and will be deleted by Monday's editor :). They slip through sometimes...but in regards to your refashion, very cool way to keep the leggings in use!

EJ said...

Haha ok thanks Andrea!
Also thank you Sandy :)

jenny_o said...

Great idea! And you get more wear from your summer dresses this way, too.

cfortin said...

Welcome to Refashion Co-op. Sorry that your first post got a spam comment. I have deleted it.

Great refashion by the way!

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab

Irma said...

Eri! I did, and the result is amazing! I have to make an accommodation, because I cut too much: I think I'll put lace or other jersey.
But the next will be PERFECT (or more or less...).
Thanks again!
Irma from Italy

EJ said...

Yay Irma! Sorry, I should have mentioned that you don't need to cut out much at all. But lace would look really cute! x

Thanks too, Jenny and Cindy :)