Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More adult into kid's wear

I've been failing to share my latest refashions as I post them on my blog, so again, i will try to show them all to you bit by bit. 

This one I made for my niece's daughter. My grandniece it is. This makes me sound much older when in fact I have one of my own just a year older. anyway... 

For this one I used a turtle neck shirt of mine, and a tank top from the girl's mom. I cut it in a high low shape, and made a cute new top to pair with the shorts her mom had requested. 

If you want to read more of this and see the matching tunic-dress I made (not refashioned) for my daughter, click HERE, please. 


cfortin said...

The two outfits together are adorable. Well done.

Cindy - EOD

Magda E. said...

Thank you Cindy