Sunday, March 23, 2014

Red and in a Rut

I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately, but I just haven’t felt like sewing. I know that when I finish a project, I’ll probably love it, but the motivation to start just hasn’t been there as it has in the past.._1280761
How do you guys get back into things creatively when you're in a rut?

Have a lovely Sunday, Everyone!


Mary Peterson said...

I go thrift shopping, even if I have boxes of stash! LOL! Cute dress.

Andrea said...

Great question! I go through the same thing from time to time. Sometimes, I just take a step back from refashioning and work on other crafty hobbies/projects. Other times I hit up pinterest and see what stands out to me. Or, I look at my ideas boards on pinterest and just do a copycat that's been sitting on my to-do list forever. And checking out other refashioners' blogs (including Refashion Co-op)...sometimes you just need to look at a garment as only fabric (not as a dress, shirt, skirt, etc). What would you make with that 'fabric'? And, sometimes I simply start deconstructing an item completely...then you have to figure out how you want to put it back together and it can feel like there are more options than with an already constructed garment. Hope some of these ideas help! I need to heed my own advice as I'm in a similar place right now :) Good luck, and super cute dress. But then, they always are after you get done with them!

Kelley said...


Your comments and ideas are spot on and exactly what I do. I step away from the sewing machine and look, look, look for inspiration. Soon I'm no longer in a funk. It works!

Carissa said...

I think Andrea hit on every one of my tricks and gave me some new ideas to boot! I'd say this red number is an excellent first step out of that rut. Good luck!