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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweater Tights into Leg Warmers

I bought this particular pair of sweater tights in high school, and they've served me well for many years. Over time, they've slowly stretched out, and saggy tights are not a good look! Luckily, I had other plans in mind for them.

Because I have slender legs, wearing boots is a bit tricky. They're fine over skinny jeans, but 
when I want to wear them with a dress or skirt, there tends to be a lot of gaping in the calf area. 
I typically wear leg warmers (or long, thick socks) to fill the gap, and I figured I could use 
another pair, so I set to work on what may be the shortest refashion I've ever done:

(Note: I forgot to take a before picture, so I photographed a similar pair of tights instead. Sorry!)


Basically, all I did was chop them just below the crotch and then again at the ankles. Ta-da!

1 comment:

IWOM said...

Sometimes the best refashions are the easiest ones!

I must say, when I saw 'leg warmers' in the title I was thinking 'Yikes, big bulky Flashdance leg warmers' but these are lovely and sleek and you've just given me a great idea for a couple pair that were destined for the rag bag.