Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Treasures from the flea market

Hey Refashioners, 

I love to range on flea markets. Usually I find thousands of beautiful clothes and amazing patterns. But most likely the clothes don´t fit. And I have to get creative and a little refashion :)
Here is my latest project:

I found this dress on my last trip to our local flea market.

As you see, the fitting is horrible. But I love the colors and the design. And off we go:

First I ripped of the hem between top and skirt. So I could alter the top to a nice fitted one.

Now I sew the skirt back on the top and inserted a zipper to the side.

Et voilà

For more refashion projects check out my blog :) http://seligrefashion.blogspot.de/ 

Happy Refashioning,



cfortin said...

Very cute refashion and I love the mask too.

Cindy - EOD

jennifer elliott said...

So much better! I love the refashion.

Gingham Ginger said...

Now that dress is amazing. Great eye.