Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Tunic from T shirt

I started this refashion last year, but couldn't decide how to complete it and stuck it in the cupboard. However, new year new ideas, and half an hours work finished it off ready for Spring.

There's no before pics as the pieces were chopped up some time ago, but I started with a  v-neck chiffon tunic shaped blouse bought many years ago in a sale, which I had done various adjustments to and still wasn't happy with the fit. I had cut the back off to do something else, then decided it would look nice as the front of a T shirt.
 Found a suitable T in my collection and refashioned the sleeves to make them a better fit. Cut away the front neckline as it was too tight. And then stitched the back piece of my chiffon tunic over the front of the T, the sides and shoulder by machine, and the armholes by hand.

I have successfully used this technique several times before. It's a good way of incorporating a nice piece of fabric, or a pretty scarf, and T shirts are very easy to get hold of.

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IWOM said...

Ah, T-shirts: the bedrock of our craft!

Thanks for sharing.