Friday, March 07, 2014

Twirly wirly top

If a print is gorgeous, I will buy it irrespective of if it fits LOL!

So this dress came home with me:

My daughter tried it on, but it didn't fit :(

So I had to come up with a way for it to fit.

Think, think, think...

I know - I'll cut off the top, add elastic to the 'waist', turn the belt into straps and make it into a twirly wirly tunic top!

Yes!!  That definitely worked!

Looks fabulous with leggings too!

If you'd like more information and photos of this and other refashions, they can be found on my blog:

Happy refashioning everyone!



Andrea said...

Looks cute! I love the bright colors and pattern :)

Andrea EOD

Ali said...

Yep, I would have grabbed that too just for the print!

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the print too! I would've snatched it too!