Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Part Copycat.....

Hi all!

I'm really looking forward to the coming summer here in London, I'll (hopefully) be able to ditch the layers and wear some dresses!

I recently fell in love with a picture of a model wearing a grey cotton dress and a Indian print kimono - you can see the image and how I made the copy-cat here....

I had found a Queen sized bedspread in a brilliant little junk shop in Hastings and picked it up as I'd already had this kimono in mind.

This bedspread was huge!! It was probably King sized but as I've never  had the luxury of a King sized bed, I couldn't tell you!!
I only used half of this gigantic piece of material, which meant the the pattern wouldn't be asymmetrical but I thought I'd just go for it....

After halving the material I folded it again and again so it was an inside out rectangle. I measured elbow to elbow across the shoulders, underarm to the desired length and underarm to elbow. I drew where I wanted to cut (and allowed a bit extra for a seam) and cut. 

This left me with this.
I cut right down the middle from bottom to top, or top to bottom if you want :) and then a triangle at the top for a v-neckline.

I hemmed everything up only to find that the length was really dowdy (my word for the day....)!! This meant I had to cut off the two floral borders at the bottom (and leaving me having to hem the bottom after all)! 

And this is the end result..

I'm 'pinning' the side with my hand on hip accidentally!

All in all, considering that it was stiff cotton and not flowing silk, I'm really happy with the kimono and it's fun to wear.

Thanks for reading!



Carissa said...

Kimonos are totally in right now. And I love the asymmetry of the pattern! Great job!


P.S. Please be sure to only use your username as a label in the future. Thanks!

Jennifer Elliott said...

I love the pattern. Great refashion.

AliceSAysNo said...

Hey Carissa, do you mean not use my username in the body of the entry? Just want to make sure so I don't do it again, thanks!

Andrea said...

I'll answer, since I happened to notice your question, AliceSAysNo :) All that she means is that when you are writing your post there is a place on the right where you add labels. The only one you should use is your username: Alicesaysno. This ensures that every one of your posts gets added to your list of refashions. The other labels are for editors only, and it sounds like Carissa removed those for you. Not a big deal, just a reminder for future posts. You can absolutely use your name, blogname, etc in the body of the post. Hope that clears it up :)

Editor (not particularly on duty)

AliceSAysNo said...

Brilliant, thanks :) !

AliceSAysNo said...
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