Monday, April 28, 2014

A few small changes to a summer dress

20 C! (68 F!) i ran for my closet to bring out the summer clothes.
Better make most of it while it lasts (the weather forecast promises snow next week, maybe).

I hadn't worn this new dress yet, and as it turned out, its straps were too long.
And the bodice (is it the right word? I mean to say the upper part of a dress, when the upper and lower parts are made from separate pieces) was not my style.


I losened the knot, cut of the excess fabric and sewed the remainder together. Then I added a small strip of elastic to the middle.

After, a lot more wearable for me:


Andrea said...

Its amazing how much better the top looks! Love the dress, btw, the colors are incredible!

Lovenicky said...

Wow! Great job! The dress is now less fussy and one can really appreciate how pretty the dress is.

Joke Vermanen said...

Yes this is much better!

Julia said...

Me ha encantado visitar tu bloc. Despues de las vacaciones de Semana Santa y la fiesta de Sant Jordi, continuaremos con las limpiezas ecológicas primaverales y esta semana le toca a la cocina espero que os guste y os sea de utilidad y por eso te invito a visitar mi blog. Si te ha gustado espero que si no eres seguidora te hagas ahora.

cfortin said...

I agree. Much better without the knot on the front. Lovely dress.

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