Monday, April 07, 2014

DIY spring bag!

Hey friends!

We are welcoming spring with this easy tutorial for the ultimate spring bag! There's not a better way to follow this season’s soft colors trend, than transforming this vinyl skirt into a lovely everyday bag! Yes, you have heard it right! An amazing bag out of an old skirt! The process is really easy and all you need is a skirt and a sewing machine!

Photo 1
This is the initial look of the skirt and my scissors

Photo 2-3
In order to make the straps i cut the hem at about 5 cm.

Photo 4-5
Time to sew the bag! Place the fabric inside out and with a pencil draw the stitches. I was lucky that my skirt had already inside the linen fabric so that made the process even easier! To avoid the square shape, sew the corners of the fabric to give it a rounded shape.

Photo 6
Stitch the straps of the bag on the inner part and you are almost done. Now you can turn the inner part inside the bag.

 Photo 7-8 (optional)
This step is optional in case you want to make the bag more secure. You can buy this magnetic clasp from the stores that sell sewing supplies. For the insert make small holes on the inner part of the bag and press the studs to stable it. Your magnet clasp is ready.

Photo 9
In less than 20 minutes you will be holding your brand new shopping bag! Wear it with your jeans and a flower top! So why don't you visit your closet and maybe you will find your next bag among your old skirts!

Good Luck!

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cfortin said...

Nice save. I like the addition of the snap.

Cindy - EOD
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