Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easy refash for my daughter(s)

My daughter loved this shirt. I hated it. I am not picky about my kids' clothes; most of the time they wear whatever they want and I don't care so long as they are clean, decent, and seasonally appropriate. I'm easy to please.

But everything about this shirt is just WRONG.


It doesn't look so terrible in the above picture, but trust me, it is a highly unflattering shirt. The sleeves fall at an awkward place. The drapey parts at the bottom of the shirt don't drape, they just hang limply and unevenly. The weird little rope/bead rosette in the middle looks awful.

But my daughter loved it. *sigh*

I shed no tears when she wore a hole in each elbow. I asked her if I could remake it into a short sleeve, and she agreed.

And then the shirt sat, and sat, and sat in my mending pile, and was forgotten.

Until today. I pulled out the shirt ready to shorten the sleeves, when I realized it would be simpler just to remove them entirely. I cut off the wings and made new sideseams. Rosette-- gone! I also cut off the ties.

Choppa choppa
I like the new shirt much better. The original just looked like it was trying too hard. Sometimes less is more.

It's a good thing my daughter has a younger sister, because the original wearer has since grown too big for this shirt. Little sis loves it.


Andrea said...

Oh yes, much better :) And the fact that younger sis gets a new garment is always nice!

Andrea EOD

Autumn said...

Good job on the refashion. It's always good to get more wear out of something rather than buying a new one.
I'm a little disturbed by the "highly unflattering" "flattering" should small children's clothing be, exactly? Life will teach them soon enough to worry about those types of things.

Clare said...

By "highly unflattering" I mean that it looked awful. Even kids can have clothes that are well made and look nice. Did you read my first paragraph?