Sunday, April 06, 2014

Guy top to girl top

I got this J.Crew vest at the thrift store and loved the feel - it's got a little cashmere in it.  I had thought about incorporating it into a dress, then making it into a tote bag (still think that might have been cute) but decided to make it into a fitted top instead.
I cut off all the ribbing, cut it across the middle, took in the sides, and used the extra pieces from the side to make a ruffled collar.  Then I cut it down the middle, attached some of the ribbing to make a pretend button band, and sewed some buttons on (there are no buttonholes).Then I reattached the bottom, which did not turn out to look as gathered as I thought it would.

I just need to sew it up the middle where it gapes a bit.


Sandy said...

This is a very good result! It looks good on you.
Sandy in the UK

Carissa said...

The hourglass shape is *much* more flattering! And I like the little fake button placket.