Thursday, April 03, 2014

Spring Break!

Hi Everyone!


Spring Break is finally here and that means I have more time to sew! This refashion is just a basic among all of the tropical print shirts I purchased last week, but it was the first one to call my name from the pile. Despite my love for all things fashion, I am still very practical and this shirt appealed to that side of me. It is made of a great linen look fabric with a vintage appearance. The background is light yellow even though it appears tan in the picture.






2014-04-01 11.30.13


It might not look like I did much here but there was a lot of work that had to go into this top to make it more feminine and wearable.

See the entire tutorial here.


'Til later 




Sandy said...

I like this. Why do men seem to get such wonderful fabric for their shirts?
It looks practical and sensible, but at the same time not borring!
Sandy in the UK

IWOM said...

It just shows to go you that you are never too old for a Spring Break!

I think some of my husband's Hawai'ian shirts could get this treatment before too long…..


PS - remember to chose a catchy title for your posts! I'll do it for you this time!

Kelley said...

SEW cute.

Q: Have you ever switched it so the buttons are on the ladies' side? Have to rework the entire collar then, wouldn't you?!

Great job, and happy spring break!