Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oklahoma Church Dress Refashion

Recently it was brought to my attention I was about to hit my 100th post on Refashion Co-op (thank you Jennifer Elliot!). So I thought I would make my 100th post a good post! I called it, the Oklahoma Church dress. I got this dress when I was thrifting with my mom several months back. Of course the first thing I did when I came home was try everything on. When I tried this dress on, the ONLY thing that came to mind was Oklahoma Church dress.
I think it was a combo of the flowers and colors, I just imagined myself in Oklahoma. No idea why, please don't find any harm in my label! There were 24 buttons down the center of the dress, which was scandalous. I wanted to change up the color and remove the sleeves. Also there were loops and ties in the back too. And yes my cat decided to photo bomb me again, what can I say? He loves attention. 

I removed sleeves, buttons, ties; turned the dress backwards; cut the dress in half and reattached; and added an invisible zipper. I also dyed it RIT Violet. Here is my new dress!!!

It is a simple dress (which needed an iron but I was leaving out of town very early in the morning the next day and still had to pack and prep). But the color is great!! Actually this dress IMO is wearable to church now. 
For more on this dress click here.

And here's to 100 more Refashion Co-Op posts! Happy 100th post!!! :)



Sandy said...

oh well done for 100. A very good one, I'd say. Love the new colour.
Sandy in the UK

Feeling Kinda Thirfty said...

I'm pretty sure I remember wearing similar dresses to church as a young girl in Oklahoma. But I like your new version so much better. What an amazing transformation. Well done!

vintagevogue said...

Good job. I remember those dresses from the first part of the 90's. I bet it's rayon.

jennifer elliott said...

FABULOUS! Congratulations on hitting the 100 mark and I look forward to reading 100 more posts! And I love the refashioned dress. Great job!

Elizabeth Hill said...

Happy 100! Your dress is lovely! This inspires me to start planning something special for my next milestone.

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

Anonymous said...

Impressive revamp! Well done!

Andrea said...

Happy 100th! The color is so much better on you and the new length and no sleeves are exactly what this needed :)