Thursday, April 17, 2014

Paint it black: shirt to kimono

Well, don't actually paint anything. I got a little bummed out and I was feeling like a real sad sack in the beginning of this month and decided to make April a theme month for refashions on my blog. (Half way through the month and I only have two posts up!) That theme, "Paint it Black" comes from the Rolling Stones song. I've been doing some some colorful clothing choices with a lot of my refashions, but I'm getting back to my black clothed roots with these.
I started with this extra large, 70s polyester shirt:
I bought it with a plan because I wanted long, flowing sleeves; of which I cut off a little less than half off each. I removed the collar, then, I marked and cut down the middle. I sewed up my raw edges and then hemmed and hawed for several days on possible embellishments before deciding to leave it as is. Here it is:
 The best reason to leave it un-decorated is so that I can wear it with some of my cut off tshirts and it won't "compete." Like this sequined one. I'm also wearing high waist pants, so the top barely looks cropped.
I also put together those two tassel necklaces (by putting a tassel on a necklace) and I made my own crop tops (by cropping some tops.) You're going to need that step by step tutorial to see how I used a pair of scissors to make that midriff-bearing top from a too tight dress. (Sarcasm alert for anyone who wants to see the full post.)
So, see the full post! Here it is, on my blog, Craft, Thrift, or Die. 
While you're there, perhaps you check out this one from earlier this month:
Purple cherries dress
Fair warning, folks...might want to not actually read the post. I was laying on the sad stuff pretty thick. That's why I didn't give it a full post here on the Co-op; I thought it was kinda dark. All warnings aside;  here's the link to purple cherries! Thank you for looking, awesome sewists!

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Andrea said...

Love the kimono :) Good call on that cause I wouldn't have known what to do with that before shirt ;) And the dress is so cute now! Great refashions, as always!

Andrea EOD