Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Refashioned Bog Coat Refashion

A long time ago, I used a velvet skirt to cut out flowers and make arrangements to applique to my version of a bog coat. Follow the link for one idea of how to make one.

In my version all the excess is folded in like two big tucks in the back. Also the length of the sleeves is controlled by adding a cuff. I also folded in the front edges and added a bit from the skirt for a collar and bits from the waistband to make fastenings.

That long ago!

But I never did like how short it was in the front. With a skirt it was fine, but with trousers not so happy.

Happily, bog coats have plenty of room and it still fits me. But I dislike the shortness even more.

A while back I was sorting my cupboards and found that I still had one panel of the velvet skirt.
The other day, I realised I could add some sort of band to the bottom and I would be happier.
So, I cut 2 6inch wide strips. I stitched them together folded lengthwise and started pleating them onto the bottom of the bog coat. A bit of stitching...

And now, I like it much better.

Slightly peplum-ish but not over the top.


Sandy said...

I usually wear it with a white blouse.

cfortin said...

Great example of why we all love to refashion. We keep working and re-working til we get it the way we want it.

Cindy - EOD
Upcycled Design Lab