Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sequin dress refashion #1

I sadly had this dress in my closet and it was never worn. We are talking about years (7?) and never worn. It was gorgeous with tags still on it, but for some reason it just didn't work for my shape. I thought I could change it up but never had any idea on what to do, until I keep seeing all these cute shirts with open backs. Now I don't want to wear them without any support but didn't want to show off my bra. I decided to cut off the top part of this dress and turn it into a crop top I could wear with some of these tops.

Sorry no pics on.... I still have my winter wardrobe out. But it actually has bra hooks to be adjustable. This is part 1, which can be found here, I plan on turning the skirt portion of the dress into a top.


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Andrea said...

This is so cool, Lauren! I've been looking around for ways to make my own cropped tops/bralettes to wear under sheer tops and such and I love this idea:) Can't wait to see how the bottom portion turns out.