Saturday, April 05, 2014

Shrug Life (and a cardigan clip alternative)

 I know. A sweater refashion; just in time for spring! Really?
This is a no sew, but it probably shouldn't be. I pretty much cut up a pull over sweater to make a shrug. Instead of worrying to much about the raw edges, I just raised my shoulders and said, "oh, well." (Please tell me that joke worked.)
It was one of the last cold days, and I was tired of all my sweaters. I had an idea, and this synthetic fibered-bright green-Goodwill find that I've had in the drawer all season was something I was willing to experiment on.
My cut job kinda worked...It's not much to look at, but check out the accessory!
Whenever I do a fresh dye job I mean, shampoo my natural red hair, I feel like putting on some green. See the full post on my blog (although it's not exactly necessary). Don't mind the cuss words in my post, I tend to use sailor talk when crafting.
For the full post on my cardigan "clips" (actually I used pins) click away on my blog Craft, Thrift, or Die.
And, yes; I probably will zig zag around it at some point.
Thanks for looking!


Sandy said...

Like the sweater clips idea!
Sandy in the UK

Elizabeth Hill said...

You didn't choose the shrug life, the shrug life chose you!

Love the clips, the shrug (great green!), and the pun. Keep up the good work!

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus