Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another Girly re-fashion

Sorry, no before pictures this time.
I received some men shirts that were to small for my hubby but in perfect shape.
And I had a girl... that wanted new dresses.
So combine the 2 and here you find 2 shirt-dresses.
I used a pattern for the dresses but it's easy enough to make some raw sketches and make this dress without a pattern.

I used the seam for straps. And the sleeves for the horizontal parts.
In these pictures the dresses are a bit to big, but this year she will wear them again with proud =D

Right here you can find the original blog-post with more pictures.

A Nurse dress up set for a birthday girl.
When my daughter turned 5 she really wished she had a nurse dress up set. So I made it for her!
I had some craps of red fleece, and an old white bed-sheet.
I used some velcro to close everything.

And the dress up part was for all ages!

Recycle summer pants
Almost 2 years ago my daughter got a big nasty burn on her top left leg. This meant she had to protect that leg from the sun for at least a year. So no small summer pants and dresses and no running around in your swimsuit... So I came up with recycle summer pants. I had some old polo shirts of mine lying around that I turned into 5 pair of pants for her that were long enough to cover the leg and also durable for swimming (and drying fast), playing outside etc. Sort of all-purpose pants.

Sorry for the bad quality but this is me wearing a green shirt of the stack of 5 shirts I used. They all had a butterflyapplication on it which I (of course!) salvaged. For the elastic of the pants I used the elastic of hubbies boxershorts. They always get holes in them when the elastic is still in good shape. So I tried it out and they were still good after my daughter wore the pants for 1 summer.

I used 1 pair of good pants as basic to draw the pattern. And then cutting and sewing it is with this result.

Lucky for her, this year she can be wearing skirts and she can run around in her swimsuit ;)

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Joke Vermanen
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jennifer elliott said...

You're so creative! I love the two dresses and the polo pants. Great job!

Marlen said...

oh my gosh, i'd NEVER think to refashion men's shirts into girl dresses- that's so incredibly clever! and they turned out adorable :)

xo marlen
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Joke Vermanen said...

The fun thing is, if you google on those crafts with men shirts you find so much more to do... ;-)

IWOM said...

Oi - the day we need a PICTURE of a man's shirt in 'before mode'.

These dresses are much cuter on little people than grown ups IMHO.

Nice work on the 'collection'!