Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dipping into Tie Dye

Hi everyone,

I had a long white jersey dress that I've worn once, and will never wear again, (I know, I know, never say never - but.....)

This is pretty much what I started with

I found a tutorial and got some basics down and this is the end product :)

I'm loving the slight blue tinge to the black and especially loving the use of the stone in the bottom left hand corner to get the circle. 

You can see the full process here at 2nd spin

Thanks for reading!


Sandy said...

This is gorgeous! So much more fun to wear than plain white.
Sandy in the UK

christinadesignsart said...

I love it! I just did some tie dying today at work, it is so much fun!

Bunny said...

Great job. Would love to know which dye and color you used. I love that indigo look.

Cornflower Pink said...

Wow! I love that. Incredible transformation. Beautiful.

Elizabeth Hill said...

MUCH better! I haven't done much with dye lately, but now I want to. ;)

- Elizabeth, EOD
aka The Hungry Octopus

AliceSAysNo said...

-christinadesignsart - dying at work, what a fun job!!

-Bunny - Dylon Velvet Black, pretty much a staple colour for me :) I was happily surprised at the slight purple/blue hues that came out of it.