Friday, May 09, 2014

Easy Update: 80s Secretary to Disco/Meditteranean

I'm pretty obsessed with vintage dresses. This one was so out of date tacky that it was just perfect:
How flattering, a bodice that folds several inches over your waist, ballooning out all weird. I'm all about using what you've got. In this case, it's a lot of material on top. I lost the sleeves, collar, and neck bow. (I attached that neck sash to the collar and saved it, because it's awesome. Can't wait to use that.)

This dress has a long torso, so it was a good candidate for shoulder straps that can be tied into knots. Kinda like a toga, but with both shoulders. That, plus the colors make me think "Grecian." Of course, the shiny polyester blend fabric brings this dress from ancient Greece to the 70s.
Yeah, the old "hem it and belt the waist" method. That's all I needed to make it work for me, so I'm pleased. Check out the full post, if you are so inclined My blog; Craft, Thrift, or Die.


Lovenicky said...

Wow! The transformation is amazing! I like the filter you have used for the 'before' picture too! :-)

Helen Le Caplain said...

Looks amazing - so wearable now, great job!

Erinn Merlo-Jackson said...

I love this! Such a pretty dress from such a frumpy mess! Great refashion!

Andrea said...

Wow, waaaaaay better. You got the description down just right too! ;) haha, grecian 70's and oh so hot now, great job!

Andrea EOD

Marisa Firebaugh said...

Love it!