Sunday, May 18, 2014

Emerald Green 80s Dress Refashion

I went to the opening of WICKED (the musical) in Melbourne last weekend and wanted to wear an appropriate green coloured dress to wear for the occasion. You only need to look at this funky crepe fabric to know this dress is a classic 80's number ready for a restyle:

:: Crepe 80's number ::

I have cut away two longer sleeves to a shorter capped version, and sewn a gathered drawstring style alteration to its long length.  The result is a sort of ruffley scalloped hem.
 :: Emerald Dress Refashion for the opening of WICKED ::

You can read more on this restyle over on my blog



Carissa said...

I love the gathered skirt! What a creative way to remove some length instead of simply chopping it off.


jennifer elliott said...

Great job!