Monday, May 19, 2014

From mom's fashion to daughter's fashion.

Let's start with the sleeping gear.
I love wearing flannel pj's in the winter. But every time I buy one they end up being off size after I washed them a few times. The top becomes to wide and the pants to short.
But of course me and my sewing-machine can fight that, but sometimes it's not possible to add length because there's a single hem. I had 2 pj's that had that problem. So I've put them in the re-make stash.
Last winter I made them in 2 new pj's for my daughter.
I took one pj and cut around it to make a new one. Of course I made her pants longer than the one I used, and the top wider and longer. I turned the collar and also made it shorter to fit her neckline.
This is the result, it turns out she loves them so much she wants to wear them again next winter =D

Mom's pj's

I also made her a beautiful summer jacket. Out of my first self-made project: a summer jacket =D

It was my first project, as said, and I wore the jacket for many years. During the time I met my husband, and he proposed... during the time I was pregnant with 'bellybuddy' 4 years later.

And now my 'bellybuddy' is 6 years old and was in need of a summerjacket.
I used a pattern for a sweat-vest and took 2 sizes longer than she wears her clothes. Since I saved all the scraps I made when I made my first jacket I had some extra fabric if needed. And I did need 1 piece for the lining of the hood. And a new zipper which cost me as much as a second handed jacket would have cost me...
But... this is so much fun!
I've cut the fabric along the original side seam. This way I kept the original pockets and the tunnel at the bottom. This ended up with a extra seam at the back, but that's no problem with me.

As for the face... sorry that's my genes talking lol. She really likes the jacket =D

Greetings from the Netherlands,
Joke Vermanen

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cfortin said...

Great refashions made even better by their sentimentality.

Cindy - EOD
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