Sunday, May 04, 2014

Girly re-fashions

Here some of my refashions I made for my daughter.

I once bought a funny t-shirt with Nijntje (miffy) on it. But after a few washing cycles it was to short, and I gained a few extra pounds... It laid in my closet for years until I finally had a daughter ánd inspiration to make something of it.
I laid one of her wel-fitting shirts on mine and cut and stitched and there she had a fun dressy-shirt she calls it. I also found some ribbons that had lost the sock they were on and now Miffy was a real girl! And my daughter wears it for the third summer now!

Jeans re-fashion. Jeans
Whenever she has a hole in her jeans I make custom patches. Sometimes I take the time to give it something extra with a funny iron-patch on it. I open the easy seam (the non folded) and sew one some left-over jeans from old pants we can't wear anymore.

Bag-refashion. GYM-bag
My daughter was in need of a gym-bag and we had a boring black bag lying around. Also some leftovers from a sweater I made for her:

A pink skirt!
My sister made some pants for herself in beautiful pink and had some leftovers (she has 4 boys so I got the lefovers). My own jeans were to small and so I came up with the idea to combine them.
I found a blog (SewEasyBeingGreen) that shared this skirt idea and I liked it a lot!
So this is my version of it:

I sewed the waistband on it with a overlap, this way I could adjust the length of the elastic a bit.

That's it for today. Look for more (re-)fashion and sewing adventures on my blog

Greetings from the Netherlands


Sandy said...

These are all great fun! I love the way you saved the Miffy shirt!
Sandy in the UK

Carissa said...

So many cute projects! I love the pink and denim skirt!


Kelley said...

Really cute refashions!

And you should definitely share your jeans refashioned into the adorable skirt over at Susan's Denim Do Over blog, too! I'm sure she'd feature it! SEW cute!

Happy week,

Joke Vermanen said...

Thank you all! And thanks for the tip Kelley, I've send it in immediately!