Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm A Sucker For Plaid

I'm a sucker for plaid...seersucker that is.  You just can't beat it for comfort and low maintenance.  So, when I found this oversized housecoat with pearlized snaps, I "snapped" it up and turned it into what will be, I'm guessing, one of my favorite wardrobe pieces this summer.

And, after!

The banded neckline/front placket is a nice detail.  I found the cute vintage enamel flower brooch at the same store on sale for less than a dollar!

You can check out more pics and a tutorial of the simple process at my blog, Second Chances By Susan!


cfortin said...

Such a lovely dress make over.

Cindy - EOD

Nina said...

Beauty! Nivce job

jennifer elliott said...

You amaze me.